SPA XXI : When The Water Sources Are No Longer Close

In this XXI Edition, The Editorial Staff of Suara Pembaruan Agraria (SPA) reviewed the issues of water availibility in Indonesia. As a rich and prosperou ... [read more]


SPA XXIII: Suing The Power of Java Forest

Suing The Power of Java Forest. ... [read more]


XXII Edition: LPRA As The Solution of TORA's Deadlock

The government's Agrarian Reform Program (AR) through the Agrarian Reform Land Objects (Tanah Objek Reforma Agraria/TORA) hasn't yet displayed its suc ... [read more]


SPA XVI: Korupsi Agraria Memiskinkan Rakyat

On the current edition, Suara Pembaruan Agraria returned with hot issues regarding the development of agrarian reform strugle in Indonesia. The main repo ... [read more]


SPA XV: Infrastructure Projects Pillages The People's Land

In this edition of Suara Pembaruan Agraria we tried to focus and review various agrarian conflicts caused by the infrastructure development projects done ... [read more]


SPA XIII Edition: Developing Ecological Agriculture.

On this 13th edition, Suara Pembaruan Agraria covering the hot issues around the topic of agrarian reform, especally related to the agroecology system, a ... [read more]


SPA X: Measuring Agrarian Reform in The Vision & Mission

Genuine Agrarian Reform Greetings! On the 10th edition of Suara Pembaruan Agraria, the editorial staff covers the hot topics on the development of agrari ... [read more]


SPA IX: The New Leader's Agrarian Reform Agenda

On this 9th edition of Suara Pembaruan Agraria, the editorial staff will covers the hot issues on the development of agrarian reform struggle in Indonesi ... [read more]


SPA VIII: Kemana Arah Reforma Agraria di Indonesia?

On this Suara Pembaruan Agraria, loaded with hot issues of Agrarian Reform struggle in Indonesia. The Editorial Staff of Suara Pembaruan Agraria reviews ... [read more]

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