Building the Agrarian Political Power

Reaffirming the Path for Genuine Agrarian Reform! ... [read more]


Position of Basic Agrarian Law 1960 in the "Hustle & Bustle" of The Discourse on Agrarian Reform

This thesis was presented in a Workshop done by Komnas HAM working along FSPI on the commemoration of the 42nd National Peasants Day. ... [read more]


Agrarian Reform General Concept

This writing is a concise note of the speech given by Gunawan Wiradi on the event of "Temu Tani Se-Jawa, YTKI, Jakarta, May 1st 2003. ... [read more]


Agrarian Reform for Beginner

Agrarian Reform for Beginner ... [read more]


Agrarian/Agriculture Politics in Indonesia from Time to Time

This short paper is the main ideas of Gunawan Wiradi presented in the event "Workshop Pertanian YLBHI" (YLBHI Agricultural Workshop) with the theme ... [read more]


Mewujudkan Desa Maju Reforma Agraria

The existence of UU No. 6/2014 on Village Issues has brought hope regarding the possibility of natural resource management in the village done independently b ... [read more]


Jurnal Land Reform I

Writings published by the first edition of Landreform journal is a contribution from academician and activists concerned with the agrarian and natural resourc ... [read more]


History of Basic Agrarian Law 1960 and Challenges of Its Implementation for 44 Years

This concise notes is a presentation by Gunawan Wiradi in the seminar that are organized by FSPI on September 2nd 2004 in Gedung Joeang 45. ... [read more]


The New Wave of Agrarian Reform in the 21st Century

It is a hisctoric reality that the Rural area of Third World anywhere that some peasants took the resistance path and challenging the works of new powers that ... [read more]

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